Designs by JoJo

  Your one stop shop- JoJo is a Hair Stylist, Formal Hair & 
Wedding Planner Confection Artist.

Cupcake & Cake Towers

All cakes are priced according to design. Buttercream cakes are priced with an additional premium.


starting at $36 per dozen 

**custom design- additional cost based on design/sugar pieces

6" Cake toppers- start at $75 & up based on design.

Stand rental $45 

offering one-time use stands starting at $24.99.

Designer cakes

Are priced per serving based on design. 

Pricing starts at $15 per serving & up based on design.

Sculpted cakes- per serving & based on design.


Strawberries, cake truffles, truffles, petit fours, cookies, cake pops, turtles

Start at $36-$45 per dozen.  Based on selection and design.

Sugar Pieces

We model people, animals, #s, bows and characters - starting at $25 and up, based on selection

Wedding cakes- fondant design

Cakes- All cakes are priced according to design. 

Pricing - 

Fondant cakes- starts at $6.50 per serving & up based on design.  

Buttercream cakes- starts at $7.50 per serving & up based on design.

Wedding cakes- buttercream design

Wedding cakes- All cakes are priced according to design.


Fondant cakes- starts at $6.50 per serving & up based on design.

Buttercream cakes- starts at $7.50 per serving & up based on design.

Cupcake/cake flavors-

Chocolate * After Dinner Mint * Peanut Butter Cup * Strawberry * Salted Caramel * Coconut * Almond Joy * German Chocolate * Cookies n Cream * Chocolate Raspberry * Mocha * Vanilla Bean * Chai Tea Latte * Caramel Mocha * Pumpkin * Spice * Lemon * German Chocolate * Cookies n Cream * Chocolate Raspberry * Vanilla * Lemon Poppyseed * Orange Poppyseed * Orange Creamsicle * Pink Lemonade * Butter * Marble * Red Velvet * Red Velvet Marble * Tie Dye * Almond Morsel * Pink Velvet * Snickering Surprise * Strawberry Shortcake * Peppermint Twist * Banana * Rootbeer * Carrot * Slippery Butterfingers * Orange Truffle * Elvis * Coconut banana creme

2 dozen minimum order- 1 flavor per dozen

Only available in cupcakes- 

Tiramisu * Lemon Blueberry * Apple Pie * Peach Cobbler * Pina Colada * Key Lime Pie * Spiced Caramel Pear * Strawberry Colada *Boston Creme * Red Velvet cheesecake * Strawberry Cheesecake

Questions about cake/cupcake orders-

Do you require a deposit for cake orders?

Yes. We require a non-refundable deposit of about 50% of the estimated cake order the day you place the order to hold your date. Our orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis. We receive a lot of inquiries for dates that are unavailable, so if an order is cancelled at the last minute, we lose business that we could have had from other orders we turned down. For this reason deposit money will not be returned if an order is cancelled. We understand that some clients prefer to have a tasting and shop around before making a final decision, so we ask that any interested clients confirm their order by putting down a deposit within one week of the tasting or appointment to secure your date.  Cakes must be paid in full 30 days before the date of delivery or pick up, unless otherwise arranged. For some last minute cancellations, the full price of the cake is non-refundable.  If you are ordering your cake less than 30 days the total balance is due at the time you are booking your order.

Do you deliver or ship cakes?

Yes, we deliver. No, we do not ship cakes at this time. We prefer to deliver all wedding cakes and most large event cakes, as they may require some set-up. Delivery prices are calculated according to total travel distance. Local delivery cost begin at $45 and up based on location traveling to. There is no limit to the distance we may willing to deliver, however our availability does limit whether or not we will be able to make some deliveries. Long deliveries or out-of-state deliveries may require special arrangements, so please contact us for more information or estimates of delivery fees.

How do I schedule a cake tasting or design consultation?

Based on our availability we may schedule appointment for late evening or weekends based on availability.  I will be happy to take your order and help you come up with ideas for a fabulous cake. 

We require a $26.50 tasting fee, which includes up to four cake flavor combinations of your choice. Additional flavors may also be requested for $10 each. If you choose to have Sisters Bake Shop make your cake, then the tasting will be free of charge and you will receive a $25 credit towards the final price of your order. All of our cake tastings are prepared in advance so we need to know your flavor selections at least 3 days prior to your tasting.   

What flavors can I choose from for my order?

Your flavor options at Sisters are virtually unlimited! All of our cakes are made with alternating layers of cake and buttercream filling. You will need to select both a cake flavor and a buttercream flavor. Our most common cake flavors are Chocolate or Vanilla, but other flavors or spices may be added to the cakes if desired. Our buttercream can be made in a wide variety of flavors to complement the cake, we have access to many flavors in our shop, and with enough notice, can accomodate almost any flavor you can dream up. For a list of a few flavor ideas, see our cupcake information card.  ** Please see tab noted - cupcakes for flavor options.

What is fondant?

All of our cakes are covered in fondant, which is a sugar dough made from powdered sugar, gelatin, vanilla, and other sugary ingredients. We roll out our fondant very thin and lay it over the buttercreamed cakes. There are several reasons why we prefer to work with fondant on our cakes. We love the flawless, porcelain finish it gives to the exterior of our cakes. It also seals the cake and helps to keep it very moist on the inside. It also adds strength to the exterior of the cake in a way that makes it easier to handle, transport, and most importantly, decorate. Many of the decorations you see are sculpted or cut out of fondant and can be held in place very firmly even under stressful transportation or weather conditions. At the time the cakes are served the fondant can be cut with the cake and easily removed by anyone not wishing to eat it. For those of you who think you don't like fondant, we encourage you to please try ours. We use a delicious vanilla or chocolate fondant that we think may pleasantly surprise you if you have had bad fondant before... and trust me, we have tried them all!

Do you make sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan cakes?

Sorry, but we do not make any cakes that are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan. Unfortunately, we also are unable to accommodate anyone with strict nut allergies. Allergies can be very serious and we use products (chocolate, flour, etc...) that are manufactured around nut products.